"Thus it was through my intuition that the way to follow was

 revealed to me, this internal guide is the one that can 

enlighten us by offering a meaning and a reason for every important moment of our paths."

Chantal Nguyen

Franco-vietnamese origin, I have always been passionate about psychology, languages, travel, kung-fu wushu, meditation and manual energy therapies. Since my youngest age, I already asked many questions about life, the universe, the world in general. I always knew deep down that I came from a more peaceful world than Earth. I was born with the veil of oblivion much finer and so have kept some memories of my previous lives.

Hypersensitive, I didn't understand why people didn't work on themselves, why I lived in a world filled mostly with ignorance, conflict, negativity.

Today, I know that I chose this life, I chose to incarnate on Earth, to guide you, to enlighten you on your way and to help you understand that we are all divin beings come to experience Earth to liberate and to transmute our wounds in love.

All my extra-sensory abilities have all developed at the same time since I started mindfulness meditation, have done a lot of work on myself to clean up my wounds, my fears and all the limiting beliefs that are blocking us from our higher consciousness.
My knowledge and my experiences allow me to help you by advising you in order to bring a balance for the body, mind and soul wellness in its entirety.

I thank all the people I met who helped me understand and fully accept this spiritual, intuitive dimension that brings me very much every day.

Puy-de-Dôme, France.