MP3 audio in English to download after payment by clicking on the link. See the SPAMS box.


Channeled audio treatment of about 10 min without music. You are free to put one on the side if you wish. There is a protocol of grounding, protection, liberation of souls, cleansing. 

For the dialogue, you can repeat it internally or aloud or simply by listening to me. All 3 work very well. It is a tool that will allow you to be independent.

- Ideal for purifying and cleaning places.

- To liberate souls to the light and ward off other harmful energies.

- Useful for parents of hypersensitive children who may also be mediums to help them be less afraid and fall asleep better.

- For people who are starting to perceive and feel the invisible world.

- To increase your vibration frequency, ground yourself deeply.

- To clean oneself energetically in order to avoid having for example stomach pains, peaks in the heart chakra, excessive and chronic fatigue, an amplification of physical ailments.

- For professionals at the beginning and end of the day, to have a complete protocol in order to be able to exercise healing or channel in all tranquility. 

Thank you in advance for your purchase, do not hesitate to share your feelings with me 🙏